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Highly sought after for its appeal of living close to work, as well as the encompassing beauty of the surrounding bay, downtown San Diego has become a "hot topic" in San Diego's real estate market. Every day, San Diego residents are moving in from the suburbs, or other cities & states, to rent / buy homes in the heart of San Diego. In recent years San Diego has undergone a monstrous renaissance of sorts, and is now considered to be one of the "hippest" areas to live, in all of San Diego County. Residents can enjoy enhanced shopping experiences at Horton Plaza, blended with the scenery of Seaport Village and the infamous Gaslamp Quarter, which is home to and array of theaters, galleries, incredible restaurants, and an exciting nightlife.

The charm of downtown, coupled with walking to work in the sunshine of San Diego, continues to appeal to residents. With the expected addition of one million people to the county, San Diego has answered the call and has undertaken the major overhaul to create more residential areas in downtown. San Diego can also be characterized by accomodating several different residential settings. Whether you want to live in a luxurious high rise condominium or a brownstone neighborhood, downtown San Diego has something to meet your needs.

Districts of Downtown San Diego

Gaslamp Quarter
South of downtown San Diego's core business center and just west of East Village, the Gaslamp Quarter is symbolic of the great efforts San Diego has made in continuing to make the landscape as colorful as it can be. The Gaslamp Quarter is home to restaurants, retailers, nightclubs, 150 professional services and 3000+ residences and by the time you read this, the area has probably grown again.

Little Italy
Settled on the northern downtown edge of the San Diego Bay, Little Italy has become its own force when it comes to residential redevelopment. Combining a small town feel of single family homes and condominiums with an artistic commercial center, blended with fantastic restaurants and art galleries, Little Italy has a quieter vibe without losing the convenience of San Diego's downtown life. Newer residential areas include Porto Siena, Columbia / Elm Lofts and The Waterfront apartments.

East Village
East Village is the crown jewel in San Diego's revelopment. East of the Gaslamp Quarter in the southeastern area of downtown, the East Village is home to the new Ballpark District, which boasts Petco Park as being on of the great new stadiums of the modern era. Also includes residential loft units, retail space and hotels.

Horton Plaza
Horton Plaza is in the heart of downtown San Diego and is THE shopping destination for downtown residents and tourist. The plaza boasts seven levels for your shopping pleasure and offers a unique experience unrivaled by most. Horton Plaza features many great outlets including FAO Schwartz, Nordstrom & Macy's.

Marina District
With water on its western and southern edge, the Gaslamp Quarter to the east, Horton Plaza to the north, the Marina District is becoming one of the great residential areas in San Diego. Once dominated by aged warehouses and vacant lots, the Marina District is now home to luxurious condos, townhomes and lofts. The area is also home to a beautiful marina, Seaport Village, the San Diego Convention Center and the Hyatt hotel, making this one of San Diego's most sought after residential areas.

Columbia District
South of Little Italy and North of the Marina, Columbia, in essence, is the entrance to the downtown area from San Diego Bay. The area transitions from residential areas, located around San Diego Bay, to more commercial areas and city life. The Trea@Kettner residential project, combines rowhomes and high rise apartments in one complex. As with all other areas in downtown San Diego, Columbia continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Cortez Hill
Cortez Hill is one of San Diego's long standing, distinguished areas, blended with a wonderful view of downtown San Diego and the bay area. Located directly north of the downtown business section, Cortez Hill is made up of Victorian homes, condominiums and apartments, offering downtown living without the sometimes hectic, downtown lifestyle.

As the name suggests, the Core is the central business district located in the heart of downtown San Diego, south of Cortez Hill and north of Horton Plaza. Mostly filled with government and commercial business, the desire to convert vacant buildings into high-tech offices or residential areas continues to grow. Access to the San Diego Trolley is easy and will take residents and workers as far as Mission Valley to the US / Mexico border.

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Transportation in Downtown
Crucial to Downtown San Diego's growth is its transportation system. While there are currently over 60,000 parking spaces in downtown, city planners have not discounted ideas improving and providing access to the center of the city. By doing so downtown is highly accessible, efficient and affordable because of its public transportation system. San Diego's Public Transportation System is serviced by the bus, trolly and train.

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