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San Diego City Council to Consider Bicycle Master Plan

The San Diego City Council is meeting today and will consider adopting a so-called Bicycle Master Plan aimed at the development of a city-wide network of bicycle paths over the next 20 years. Under the plan, all existing bike paths would be expanded and funding would be earmarked for programs created to encourage bicycling for commuters and other initiatives regarding bicycle safety. Several members of the City Council have been very vocal in their support of the Bicycle Master Plan, including Sherri Lightner and mayoral runoff candidates Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez.

According to city documents, the primary goals of the Bicycle Master Plan are to make cycling a viable travel choice for all trips of 5 miles or less, the creation of a safe and comprehensive network of bike paths in the area, and to improve environmental quality, public health, recreation, and mobility benefits through increased cycling. San Diego is already home to some 72 miles of off-street cycling paths in addition to 309 miles of bicycle lanes and 113 miles of bicycle routes. About 16 miles of San Diego freeways have shoulders where bicycling is permitted, as well. The Master Plan, according to public documents, would add another 595 miles of paths around the city.

December 9, 2013