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IDX Features, Highlights and Questions

Can't see the map?
The map used in our home search is provided by Google. Recently, Google made several changes to their privacy policy. If you have decided to block Google by using an extension, or some other service, Google no longer allows you to see their maps. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Search Results
Once you have performed a search, the results will appear in two places, on the map and to the left of the map. You can scroll through the results on the left and as you hover over a listing it will also show where it is located on the map. There are two tabs located just above the search results (to the left of the map), one says "Search" and the other says "Results". To perform another search, simply click the "Search" tab.

Map Basics
Once you have performed a search, or clicked on one of our custom searches, green icons will appear on the map. There are two different icons, one for homes and one for condos / townhomes. To get a quick glance at a listing, hover your cursor over one of the green icons and a window will appear, featuring the address, picture, price and specs. Once you find a home that interests you, click on the green icon and you will be taken to the listing page.

Displaying Schools on the Map
On the bottom right hand corner, just below the map, where it says Show School Info: Select, click on Select and choose the box that says "Show". By doing so, the map will include school icons according to their location. To see the name of the school and its community rating, simply hover your cursor over the school icon of your choice.

"Show Map Statistics"
Located on the bottom left hand corner, just below the map, it says "Show Map Statistics". After you have performed a search, or if you have clicked on one of our custom searches, you can click on Show Map Statistics and it will give you several stats for the area you have searched. Statistics include average price, median price, lowest / highest, median sqft, etc. To close the statistics, click "Hide Map Statistics".

Listing Details
Once you have found a property you like, click on either the green icon on the map, or click on the listing to the left of the map. You will then be taken to the "Details" page. The "Details" page includes available information about that listing. To enlarge the pictures, click one. From there you can either scroll through the pictures using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons, located on the bottom right corner, or you can click on a small picture to enlarge it. After you have viewed the pictures, click the red circle with an "X" in it to close it out and return to the "Details" page.

Using Tabs
There are several tabs located just below "About This Property". They are named "Details", "Maps", "Value", "Similar & Sold", "Schools" and each one can offer helpful information.

"Map" - Bird's Eye View, a map view of the property, a directions button and a Google Street View. "Value" - estimated value, value range, 30-day change and a home value graph. "Similar and Sold" - similar active listings as well as similar sold listings. "Schools" - nearby school districts and the school info.